Loan Types


Unsecure Loans that allow purchaser to provide the lender with some sort of guarantee in the form of another person, someone who can step in if any problems with loan repayments. Full responsibility is handed over to the guarantor if problems occur. Useful way to borrow money if you have bad credit rating.


A loan that can be used to consolidate all your debts that are coming from different areas, whether off credit cards, personal debts etc. All your debts may be building different interest rates and payments debts and be very hard to keep on top off. These type of loans group all the debts together reducing the monthly payments and allowing control of your debts. The loan pays off existing debts then you just have the one low monthly payment to deal with from the Debt Consolidation Loan.


An unsecure loan is when the individual can borrow without having a guarantee or having to put a significant asset up to support the loan. It is less easy to obtain and needs to be paid back usually over a shorter period of time but is in many ways safer. Credit rating is often checked.


Relatively easy to obtain though this is often a very high risk loan where property is put up by the borrower as collateral against the loan. Failure to make repayments can result in losing your property. Unsecured personal loan would be a safe option.


Available in many different forms whether for a new start up business plan, or for a long term project. All providers have a different terms and conditions, requirements and rates, penalty charges and exactly what requirements are needed from you. You can choose from independent cash advances to mainstream bank loans.